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The Twin City Harmonizers annual spring show was held May 14th.  More photos will be provided in the future.

The Twin City Harmonizers were thrilled to have Carlos Morgan as our guest performer at our annual spring show. Carlos Morgan is a multi-award-winning singer, instrumentalist, producer, and dynamic stage performer.

For more information on Carlos Morgan you can go to:





Twin City Harmonizers 2022 - photo by Adrian Konstant 



We enjoyed performing our Christmas Shows to our great audiences on December 3rd in St. Jacobs and December 4th in Tavistock.  

As a chorus, the weekend also is a great opportunity for us to spend time together.  Friday evening we had a show technical rehearsal, Saturday afternoon our first show and Sunday afternoon our second show followed by dinner and a brief awards presentation.


On April 13, 2019 the Twin City Harmonizers competed at the Ontario District Barbershop spring convention.  You can view a video of our performance using the link below.  

Video of Twin City Harmonizers spring competition package.


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