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We hope everyone is managing through the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The Twin City Harmonizers long for the time to return to regular practices, but continue to find various ways of being in contact each Tuesday night.  With Waterloo Region moved to RED Control level for COVID we have suspended our in-person activities and moved back to virtual Zoom sessions.

We have recently enjoying Christmas Music and viewing videos from last year's show in Tavistock.  Link here to see a song from last year's show.

During most of November, we had been getting together at a Parkade.  Each week every member does a self-assessment before attending.  We were spacing ourselves out and can produce music together. 

In August and September, some of us carefully came together outdoors Tuesday nights to sing in a large circle.  This has been an exciting and enjoyable improvement over Zoom, but has other challenges for singers.  The distances between us and limitations on sound production outdoors limits the quality of sound we can produce.  


During June, July and October we held regular Zoom meetings every Tuesday night.  This gave us a chance to socialize virtually and practice some singing.  Barbershop singing is known for close harmony and singing together to create amazing sounds without the need of compliment.  We like to match our sounds with others and ring chords.  That does not happen during a live Zoom session. 

Screen print from one of our Zoom sessions early in the summer:

We continue to monitor Public Health recommendations and how other singing organizations are working through the pandemic. Everyone is looking forward to eventually getting back to getting together and singing together in the future. 

When we cancelled our March 17 practice, we had no idea that months later we would still be severely limited in our interactions and singing enjoyment. 


Our style of music is four-part vocal harmony and you might be surprised at the variety of music and entertainment.  There are several groups in Ontario that are part of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  Take a look as some of the You Tube videos from various local groups to explore Barbershop style music.


The Toronto Northern Lights

Harbourtown Sound

Double Double

Ripple Effect

Yonge Guns


The Aristocrats


Tall Boys



If you have any questions, just drop us an e-mail at [email protected]


Below is a picture from last year’s Annual Spring Show.



On April 13, 2019 the Twin City Harmonizers competed at the Ontario District Barbershop spring convention.  You can view a video of our performance using the link below.  

Video of Twin City Harmonizers spring competition package.


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